Friday, October 24, 2008

October Birthdays!

First I will start with our oldest daughter Nicole's Birthday. Nicole turned 14 on October 7. It seems like just yesterday she was turning one year old! Time flies!!!! Instead of Barbies and legos for gifts, she now desires ipod nanos and wii games, although we did get her some playdoh just for fun and I have to say she really enjoys playing with it!!! She is our artistic daughter and she loves creating new things and drawing alot!! She has a cool laptop you can draw with a pen on and flip the screen around that she creates beautiful artwork on everyday. She also like plain old paper and pencils too. She most get her talent from her dad because I draw about as good as your average kindergartner! Nicole also loves the Jonas Brothers and has got to meet them and go to three of their concerts. Zac Efron was so last year!!!!!

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