Friday, October 24, 2008

Katie's 2nd Birthday!

Katie's Birthday was last week Friday the 17th of October. We started the morning out by giving her the first gift her "bike" as she calls it, a little purple and pink tricycle. Later that morning we took her for a Krispy Creme donut ( just what she needed!) as she loves these donuts and calls out "donut, donut!" whenever we drive by Krispy Creme, lol! Nicole had a half day that day, so she went to visit Cassie at school and then we took Katie for lunch at "cheeses" also known as Chuckie Cheese. Later we had dinner and of course cake and ice cream and Katie opened her presents and then Sunday we had a little family party. It was a fun party and Katie had fun seeing some of the cousins and Aunts and Uncles ( some couldn't make it do to work and travel). A special thank you to Aunt Evie for cutting Beezer's nails after the party! The groomers didn't take enough off and he feels much better now that Evie did the job right!!! (:

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