Friday, October 24, 2008

Klackles! Our second attempt.

Well a couple weeks ago, it was a beautiful 80 degree Sunday and we decided to go to Klackles. We hadn't been there since Nicole and Cassie were little. We still visited pumpkin patches and went on hayrides ever year, but not at Klackles. Well we thought it would be nice to go there again and especially thought it would be cool to ride the pumpkin carriage ride. Well I had heard it is really busy there, so we went prepared for crowds, but when we got there (after parking the car in a huge field) and went to the line to pay to get in, we were shocked to find lines larger than Disney World! ( No I am not joking!) We figured we would have to wait at least 45 minutes to pay and then who knows how long for the activites and rides. We knew Katie would never last, so we decided to leave and come back another day during the week when it would be less busy. I called ahead of time to confirm they were running the pumpkin carriage etc and she said yes we would be able to ride that etc. So we drove out again. This time it was a very chilly, but still a lovely fall day. When we got there we found out that no! they don't not run the pumpkin carriage during the week, the lady on the phone had told us wrong, but after talking with some nice ladies there, they were able to hook us up with a pumpkin ride and boy am I happy they did. Katie absolutely LOVED the pumpkin ride. She wanted to do it again and again. She is still going to the door and asking"pumpkin ride? pumpkin ride?" She also enjoyed picking apples and going on the slide and seeing the llama which she called " chicken", lol!!!!!!!!

I sure hope she will be as fond of the Pumpkin Train in Coopersville and Marne and she is of her special pumpkin ride at Klackles. We plan to do the pumpkin train tommorow and possibly go to Binder Park zoo this weekend too, for the Zoo goes Boo! We just love fall!!

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Abby said...

Fun! I've never been to Klackles, but I've been hearing so much about it. maybe next year we'll have to put it on the list :) I love fall too!!!