Friday, October 24, 2008

My First Post

Wow! I am finally starting a blog! Ok, I am like waaaaaay behind on the times, lol! No I have not being living under a rock. I have had high speed internet since it came out, but never a blog, until now!
About our Family: Mike the Dad and husband, loves computer games, fixing computers and just hanging out and playing with his family. This man can do and fix almost anything possible!
Me, Amy, the Mom and C.E.O. of the family, I am in charge of trying to organize and take care of three girls, one husband and two pets and a home. Quite the challenge, but a whole lot of funny! I laugh alot everyday! Katie the youngest, just turned two one week ago. She is an EXTREMELY entergetic toddler! She is always jumping and bouncing and running around and generally undoing any cleaning I am getting done! Her current favorites are Mickey Mouse, Fireworks, pumpkin rides, and Little Einsteins( according to her Dad, she has a crush on Leo).
Cassie is also VERY entergetic, she does not walk EVER she only know one speed FAST! and she runs everywhere! She is the reader of the family and devours 600 pagebooks faster than we can drive to the bookstore to buy another one( Barnes N' Noble must LOVE us!). She also has ambitions to be an author and is currently writing several fantasty novels that she hopes to get published some day in the near future. Nicole our oldest, just turned 14 and just started high school( scary!), well her favorite thing in the world is her ipod nano, she can't leave the house without it( hopefully this one won't get stolen!), she also loves hanging out with her best friend Hailey and watching movies, laughing and playing with her little sister Katie. Oh, I almost forgot she is in love with Nick Jonas! Well that is just a little bit about us.

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