Friday, March 20, 2009

Valentine's Day Party!

This year is Cassie's very last Valentine's party ever. This fall she moves on to middle school. Gone will be the days of passing out cute valentines to classmates and friends and having a fun little class party. I am a little worried about Cass going to middle school, academically she is more than ready, but maturity wise, I don't think so. Cass loves to play still, she is a kid! She loves her class and recess time and her friends.She loves to play Littlest Pet Shops and American Girl dolls. When the Endeavor kids move unto middle school, they will be split between Crestwood and Pinewood and alot of Cassie's friends are going to Crestwood, so she is going to miss them alot and it may be really hard on her. Also she doesn't like switching classes and at middle school that is all you do, plus no recess ): I think kids grow up too fast these days and not all kids are ready for that.

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