Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween Night

We love going out Trick Or Treating on Halloween. This year we had some new challenges though, it isn't always easy trying to coordinate a teenager, toddler and a ten year old. Katie is easy still, lol, but the older two they want to Trick or Treat with their friends now. So in making an effort to please everyone, we first went on our block with Cassie, Cheyenne, Katie and Nicole, then we dropped Nicole off to Trick or Treat with her best friend Hailey and lastly Mike and I met Nancy Cheyenne's Mom and went Trick or Treating with her and the girls, until Katie tired out and was ready to go home and Cass was able to continue on without us. It actually worked out very well and everyone had a good time. Katie was tired at first, since she had just woken up from a late nap,but once she got the hang of it at the third house, she was ready to go and chasing after the older girls, yelling "Wait Cassie!". She especially loved the suckers she recieved.

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