Monday, December 8, 2008

Winter Wonderland!

This past week Katie and I were invited by my friend and Neighbor Heather and her darling daughter Rachel to go play in the snow. Katie had been really wanting to after seeing big sister Cass go out to build a fort and stood crying by the slider, until Cassie threw snowballs at her(or I should say the slider) this made Katie laugh and laugh endlessly! I was unsure how Katie would react to being out in the snow since last year at 14 months old, she wasn't too crazy about it. She did not like walking in it or sitting in it and her sled kept tipping and making her cry. Well this year is a whole different story. Katie loves the snow! She wants to walk in it, touch it, taste it and play in it. She adores her slide and wants to keep going on more " sleigh" rides. We had a fun time in the snow with our friends! (Edited to add I took what few pictures I could, but my Camera died, so I am hoping Heather got some better ones! Also I have been using Mike's cheapie Camera instead of my huge Pentax . I need to get my better camera next time!)

Then this past weekend it snowed even more and we went out with Cassie and Daddy to play some more. Mike had fun pushing the girls down the driveway and we took a nice walk or "sleigh" ride with the girls around the neighborhood.
We are looking forward to more fun snow days and Mike is hoping to build Katie a Mickey Mouse snowman soon!

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